“I’m Not African American. I Am American” . . . Oh, The Hate Speech!

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Raven-SymonéI’d never heard of Raven-Symoné  before, but I might become a fan.  She’s an “actress, singer, comedian, dancer, television producer and model”.  She is also wise beyond her years, possibly do to good parental upbringing.

While appearing on OWN with “the Oprah”, she said she didn’t like labels and wouldn’t label herself.  This went so far as declining to refer to herself as “African-American”.  I became her fan. But poor ole Oprah was aghast, to say the least.

This false term, “African-American” was created by Liberalism to make and create a ‘label’ to make “black Americans” feel more acceptable — to themselves.  My first question would be, why? Skin tone is only skin deep and none of us had a thing to do with achieving it.  We do have a responsible to have a good mental attitude about who we are and the gifts we’re given, but skin tone?

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