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The War Against God

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“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth…”

A simple enough sentence describing what many believe to be the beginning of all things. A higher power, God, creator of the universe and all that exists within its confines, spoke all things into being what they are, with the only exception being mankind itself. To create man, according to Christian belief, God chose to form him from the earth and breathed life into his nostrils, with woman being formed later from man’s own rib.

Why did God not simply speak man into existence as he had everything else? Why did he handle the creation of mankind differently from the way he had created the beasts of the earth? The answer to that is simple if one takes into account the complete text of the Bible… mankind was God’s crowning achievement in the world which he created, and yet, this masterpiece has continually struggled against its creator, even waging war against him at various times throughout history.

The human race is a very complex species. We have managed to climb the ladder of knowledge to heights never imagined by those generations that came before us, reaching for the stars and even beyond. We have achieved a great many things over time. We have populated the earth to the point of existing in nearly every nook and cranny of the world. We have overcome great obstacles along the way as well, but we still face one obstacle that continues to threaten our very existence: ourselves.

Some believe that the ultimate proof of a civilized society is in its ability to adapt to the changing culture, to tolerate whatever is presented to them, and to accept it regardless of what was considered acceptable or tolerable in the past. Our society has undergone many controversial changes throughout history. For example; in the past, it was considered inappropriate for a woman to work, or for a man to stay at home rather than go to the office. However, over time this ideology changed. Another more recent example is Homosexuality. Many years have passed since society as a majority frowned upon such relationships. There was a time when individuals engaged in such conduct were shunned and even faced abuse, yet in recent years this choice of lifestyle has been widely accepted by many and tolerated by even more. Now, in many states, there are efforts to publicly and legally recognize these relationships with as much legitimately as those in traditional male/female relationships.

There are many other examples of how culture and ideology has changed over time, both for the better, as well as changes that have taken place which are anything but good, and could ultimately lead to the downfall of mankind.

In recent decades, there has been a study rise in the number of cultural changes that are not only having a devastating impact on our society as a whole, but threaten to shrink the population dramatically, perhaps even leading toward extinction. One such change is the seemingly overwhelming acceptance of a woman’s right to choose whether a child should live or die simply based upon her own will or desire. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with birth defects, risk of death to either the mother or the unborn child, rape, or any other plausibly debatable topic, but rather a simple desire by the mother to not have a child.

In our society it is against the law to kill another human being. To take another person’s life is not only considered illegal, but also an immoral act punishable by life imprisonment or even death. Yet, there seems to be debate about whether an unborn child is really a human being. Some say that because it has not taken its first breath, it is not a person. Others say that because it cannot sustain itself apart from the mother, it is not a person. If there is truth to this, then why is it that in many cases when a murderer takes the life of a pregnant woman the culprit is often charged, tried, and found guilty of two counts of murder? How can a person be charged and punished for committing the crime of having killed an unborn child while hundreds of abortionists committing the same act are protected under the law? Is being Board Certified and licensed to practice medicine all that is needed to kill? In that case, if “Jack the Ripper” were in fact a doctor, could he be found guilty of murder by a judicial system that allows for such a distinction?

There is as much argument in the medical and scientific field over when life begins inside the womb as there is in the political landscape or in the public forum. Both sides have repeatedly presented what they firmly believe to be “factual evidence” over many decades of courtroom debate in order for a determination to be made by the highest judicial minds in the land. However, the determinations of any court are knowingly influenced by many factors including political, social, and even economic ideology. The sad, but very real truth is that, though they may attempt to be impartial, judges are human beings that are subject to the same weaknesses and prejudices as every other human being. As intelligent as they may be, are doctors, scientists, or even judges truly able to make such a determination with any real authority? By that token, how can anyone define when a fetus becomes a human being? Who among us claims to be all-knowing enough to distinguish when a fetus first begins to exist as a person?

One of the largest recent battle grounds over abortion is taking place in the state of Texas. Recent attempts by the state legislature to make it harder to have an abortion have been blocked repeatedly; not only by activists set on seeing a woman’s right to abort a child unimpeded, but by a judicial system made up largely of liberal-minded judges. As the drama of these battles wages on, the question remains; who decides when life begins?

The answer to the question was given in the beginning, though many in today’s society refuse to accept it as truth. The decline of our world, socially, morally, economically… can all be traced back to what began as a war against God and his principals of what is right and wrong. God, the creator of the universe, is the only one capable of knowing with all certainty of when life truly begins. As long as we continue to wage war against God and his principals in order to achieve our desires, our society will continue to decline and our existence will be in jeopardy. Our best efforts to answer such questions based on our knowledge will never be more than a guess, but when we factor in what God tells us, then we have the factual truth.


The Thing about Bumbles Is They Bounce

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A large part of what made the holiday season fun and enchanting for me as a small child were the cartoons that would come on television. There were Halloween cartoons featuring Snoopy and the Peanuts gang, and Thanksgiving themed cartoons featuring various daffy characters, but of all the holiday specials that aired none were as plentiful as those during Christmas.

One such cartoon was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. In that particular cartoon, Rudolph is ridiculed by the other reindeer and left out of all of the reindeer games as they train to someday pull Santa’s sled, so he decides to run away from home. On his journey, Rudolph meets other characters; an elf who’s desire to be a dentist is frowned upon by his fellow elves, Cornelius, a gold seeking wild-eyed mountain-man with a burly beard, and a somewhat clumsy abominable snowman which Cornelius refers to as a Bumble. The Bumble seems mean and scary to them at first, but as is usually the case in a children’s story, the Bumble eventually succumbs to crazy Cornelius’ attempt to protect his new found friends and they both plummet over the edge of a high snow-covered cliff. When Rudolph and his elf friend return home believing Cornelius to be dead, they discover that not only did he survive the fall, but that he managed to tame the Bumble and teach it to place the Christmas Star at the top of the tree. When asked about how they survived the fall from the cliff, Cornelius replies, “Didn’t I tell you about bumbles? You see, the thing about bumbles is, bumbles bounce!”

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized there is some truth to Cornelius’ statement about bumbles. There seems to be a large number of people in this world who are similar to the Bumble. They tend to be a bit intimidating at first, often a bit on the clumsy side, but no matter what happens to them they seem to bounce back. One such person, Joe “The Bumbler” Biden has made the news again as President Obama’s top aides had reportedly considered replacing the Vice President during the 2012 Presidential race.

Apparently, even though there had been countless policy failures and multiple scandals attributed to President Obama and his entire administration, as well as attempts to cover-up the truth by lying repeatedly to the American people, the person who nearly lost their job was the Vice President. Granted, Joe Biden has never been the sharpest tool in the administration’s shed. There were many instances when Joe “The Bumbler” Biden brought less than favorable attention to the administration. There were miss-statements and speech snafu’s by Joe as he bumbled his way through the first four years of his term, not to mention a scandalous photo of him with some bikers that made its rounds on the internet, but I believe that replacing him would have had little or no impact either way, since he really was not very involved in any policy or decision making anyway. Evidently the White House aides came to the same conclusion since they chose not to replace Biden on the 2012 Presidential Ticket with Hillary Clinton, citing that it would not have significantly improve Obama’s chance of winning.

So, Joe managed to remain the Vice President for a second term, proving once again that Cornelius’ observation about bumbles is true – Bumbles bounce!

The Modern Trojan Horse

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Has America allowed a Trojan Horse to enter the once secure gates of our nation? Is there a strategic plot being carried out at this very moment by those who would seek to destroy America and her allies by using the age-old tactics of divide and conquer?


Imagine, if you will, a largely peaceable nation that is very wealthy and wields great power through its people, its laws, its military might, and its desire to do that which is right and just. A nation whose greatest enemies are those who seek to enslave others by creating chaos, destruction, and fear in the hearts of those who would oppose them. For many years, the enemies of this peace loving nation attempt to destroy it, but are unable to do so through conventional means. The enemy attacks with rudimentary bombings and smaller hit-and-run tactics, which do little in the way of mass destruction that the enemy wishes to employ. Full on assault is out of the question as the enemy simply is not organized enough, nor does it have access to the type of weaponry that would be needed for such a massive attack. What method of attack could possibly be employed to get beyond the defenses of such a great nation, crippling it in such a manner that it would lie at the mercy of its enemies?

Many are familiar with the tale of the Trojan Horse. After a long ten year siege, the Greek Army repeatedly failed to gain entry through the well guarded walls of the city of Troy. They came upon an idea that, if it worked, would not only permit them inside the city, but give them the advantage of complete surprise. The Greek’s built a huge wooden horse that was hollow on the inside with enough room to hide a small force of Greek soldiers. The Greek Army then pretended to give up on their efforts to lay siege to Troy and pulled the huge horse into view of the city walls. Having left the horse, they allowed their enemies, the Trojans to witness them sailing away. The Trojans, believing they were victorious, pulled the massive horse through the huge gates of Troy as a trophy of their victory. When night fell upon Troy, the Greek soldiers hiding within the horse crept out and opened the gates for the waiting Greek Army which had secretively sailed back under cover of darkness. The Greek’s entered and destroyed the city of Troy from within its own walls, bringing an end to the long war.

Our nation, the United States of America, has encountered many enemies over the course of its existence. Though we have been in many conflicts, we have remained largely victorious. Our nation is a super-power, and through its power seeks to promote peace around the globe. We are also one of the wealthiest nations on the planet, and our military might is unmatched. We have been attacked many times by terrorist organizations that seek to destroy us, yet we remain. Ultimately, the actions of these terrorist nations and peoples who have attacked us; though inflicting great pain by taking innocent lives and attempting to destroy our way of life, have done very little by way of ending our existence as they wish so badly to do. There methods have not worked as well as they had hoped. So what then? Have they given up? Are they convinced that there is no way to bring down our walls of defense? Or, like the Greek Army in the tale of the Trojan Horse, have they simply changed their tactics?

The current Presidential Administration has been involved in one scandalous situation after another in recent years. There have been multiple attempts to cover-up the truth and hide the facts from the American people. From the IRS targeting of charitable Tea Party and Conservative not-for-profit groups, to the details surrounding the Embassy attack in Benghazi that claimed the lives of four brave Americans, those responsible have been less than cooperative when it comes to the facts and have even refused to testify about what they knew in some cases. The majority of main-stream media outlets have been grossly negligent in their reporting of the facts involving this administrations handling of Benghazi, thereby helping to cover-up the truth and dissuade the American people from seeking more in the way of answers.

Now, amid the threat of a partial government shutdown, a stalemate over whether or not to raise the nations debt-ceiling, and the current glitches related to the Affordable Care Act website and debate over the actual cost it will burden American tax-payer’s with, Americans have been bombarded with an overload of political drama. Facing one negative report after another coming out of our nations capitol is enough to make anyone turn a deaf ear to the discussion. However, as confusing as things may seem at time, it is important to recognize that confusion can be used as a tool – or weapon. Think in terms of misdirection. The best way to keep the people from organizing a well planned defense is to create confusion and chaos that repeatedly re-directs their thoughts and actions.

The current President, Barrack Obama, has never kept his promise of transparency to the American people, and is considered by most Americans to be the most divisive President in U.S. history.

There is one sure way to win a war…to divide and conquer. It has proven to be a decisive strategy that yields favorable results again and again.

America Under Attack

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Regardless of which side of the political spectrum U.S. citizens stand on, they are growing increasingly more agitated by the recent acts of nonsensical politics being played out across the nation. Washington has been a constant source of drama and bickering over the past several years, but recent days have seen those lawmakers and leaders; particularly those on the left, who are suppose to have the best interests of its citizens at heart, attacking those citizens in order to achieve the goals of increasing the debt ceiling without making changes to any current spending policies that continue to burden the system and waste tax dollars.

Under Executive Order, many national parks and memorial sites have been closed off to the public since the U. S. Government’s partial shutdown, including the World War II memorial which recently saw protestors – including several conservative lawmakers – remove barricades and help Veterans reach the open-air memorial. Much of what the administration has done during the shutdown has come under scrutiny, as closing off these sites requires placing park police at barricades and various entry points, which normally would not be manned – thus increasing government spending. In some instances the closings of some parks and lands have reportedly resulted in local residents who live inside of the restricted areas being unable to reach their homes. By far the most controversial closings have been those which seem directed mainly at the U.S. Military and Veterans.

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, voiced his support of Veterans and criticized the Obama administration for using the military as political pawns. “Our Veterans should be above politics,” Cruz said. “It is shameful that the administration is barricading and trying to shutdown memorials. Weeks ago the House of Representatives passed funding to open every memorial in this country, and President Obama and the Democrats are blocking it. They’re trying to play games, and the American people know they’re trying to play games.”

Despite confirmation that President Obama’s office of Management and Budget ordered the Park Service to close off and barricade the outdoor World War II memorial, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., placed blame on Republicans. “Thanks to the Republican government shutdown, a group of World War II vets had to break down barricades to visit a memorial in their honor,” he tweeted in a message on Monday. Opponents of the administration said that the tweet was “proof” that the Democrats’ attempt to block vets from visiting the memorial “is motivated purely by spite.”

Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, said Obama went “out of his way” to order the memorials closed. Worse yet, the administration has threatened to arrest veterans from Ohio scheduled to visit Washington next week. Lee Armstrong, president of Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio, said that when he called the park service, he was told the veterans would face arrest.

The partial government shutdown took place after Reid refused to consider multiple House GOP proposals to fund the government while defunding or delaying the Affordable Health Care Act – commonly referred to as Obamacare. President Obama said that he would not be open to negotiation with House Representatives while they were “Holding a gun to the American peoples’ heads” over Obamacare, but the GOP insists that it is Obama and his administration who are in fact holding America hostage.

When one considers that the White House is responsible for deciding what areas to cut or close during a government shutdown, the truth seems obvious.